Thursday, August 18, 2005

Troop 88 in the News


Well, we're getting close to the start of another Scouting Season. Lots of things to get together, like our calendar! Our first Troop meeting is Monday September 12--can we plan on an earlier meeting for all interested Scouts and Scouters to start getting our ducks in a row?

I always liked that phrase. Anyway, I am out all next week (emptying the nest; I'm heading off to Wisconsin to get Zach and Sarah to school), but the week after is good for me. We don't have to meet on a Monday or in the evening--I ask that all Scout and Adult leaders let me know when they are available and we'll have that Green Bar meeting...

In other news, check out the story on
regarding Rinku's bid for Eagle. I'm happy to say his application for Eagle has been submitted to Council and we await word on scheduling his Board of Review.

Also, if you get the Town Topics, look for the stories on local Scouting, Girl and Boy, in the Educational Supplement in the August 17 issue. There is a particularly dashing picture of our Eagle adviser and Committee Member, John Johnson, plus his and other leaders' pithy comments on Scouting.

Remember, we need members! Get your friends, relations, strangers on the street to come to our first meeting on Monday 12 September. And I hope to see you all there too.

As always, Yours in Scouting,

Dan Dabbs, SM
BSA Troop 88, Princeton