Monday, February 13, 2006

Cabin Camping at KMSR Scout Reservation

A great weekend at KMSR was had by the Scouts (Brian, Dan, Nolan, Dante and Alan), Scoutmasters (Dr. Dabbs, Dr. Wertz and Dr. Allenby) along with a representative of the Troop Committee (Mr. Mickey) and Mr. Ingato. As usual, the food was great, particularly the venison stew for Saturday evening's dinner prepared by Brian, Dan and Alan. After hearing the revised forecast Saturday afternoon, we decided to BUG OUT and came home Saturday night. There were, however, some who suggested we might stay over Sunday and return Monday-a delightful proposition, but with homework and work duties, not feasible.

The Forrestal clean up did not occur for obvious reasons. Once the snow melts, we'll try again.

As schools have been closed today, there will not be a meeting tonight. It's probably safer for all not to be driving to and from the church with the roads still icy. We will also not have a meeting the following Monday, February 20 as it is President's Day and most schools are off. The next meeting is February 27.

Enjoy the snow.

Kent Allenby

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