Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Monday 12 September


I am sorry that I never got back to you all about a planning meeting prior to our first meeting...I've been ill the past several days (ruining a particularly fine Labor Day weekend!) and just not feeling very Scout-like. Lots of things left dangling.

Anyway, because I'm still under the weather, I doubt I'll be in condition to hold a meeting before our First Troop Meeting on Monday 12 September.

So...let's plan on making that our Planning Meeting. Bring suggestions and dates as to good places to go during the year. We'll go in stages, but have some ideas for upcoming events and we'll get going on the planning and what-not.

Also, bring your Merit Badge information from the Summer (blue cards) so we can get these entered into the Book. Anyone working on Eagle: this is a good opportunity to review your MB records and ensure you have what you need.

I hope I'll see you all at the Church on Monday.

Dan Dabbs, SM
BSA Troop 88, Princeton

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