Tuesday, November 29, 2005

NYC Hike, Merit Badges

At last night's meeting, it looks like the date for the NYC hike that works for the most Scouts is Sunday, December 11. I will be away that weekend but, if enough adult Scouters are willing to go, it should work. At this time the adults who have tentatively indicated they will go are:

Dan Dabbs
Joni Dabbs
David Wertz (knees permitting)
Pat Mickey
Steve Schloss

We should have at least 3 adults, so if people can confirm by return email, we can make final plans at the meeting on Monday, December 5.

Also, I plan on visiting the CNJC office tomorrow to sign up to be a merit badge counselor for 3 Eagle required badges that are not usually offered at summer camp or the Rutgers Scout weekend due to the length of time required; Family Life (requires a minimum of 90 days), Personal Management (requires 13 weeks), and Personal Fitness (requires 12 weeks). At next Monday's meeting the Scouts can decide which one we will start.


Kent Allenby

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